Nina reviews Sleepy Kiwi

The best way to describe Nina’s reaction to Sleepy Kiwi is - spellbound. Having shown no interest in fixing her stare on anything for longer than a second, she spends full minutes staring at each page and has done since 4 weeks old. 

Creating genius

Between two to five percent of children can be classified as gifted. These children often demonstrate the same traits, which can help you determine whether your child may be gifted.

Take it outside

If motor skills learned through physical activity are not learned at an early age can have long term effects on our children’s academic and professional performance throughout their life.

Heuristic play

There seems to be no end to the lists of things we need for our babies. However a growing number of parents in New Zealand have found using items collected from around their home, at the beach and in the bush is enough to keep their babies and toddlers engaged, finding that using this equipment has created focused, curious and confident children. This type of play is called Heuristic play...